Lucky 15 Calculator

lucky 15 calculatorWelcome to Lucky 15 Calculator offering a free bet calculator to work out your lucky 15 bet. A lucky 15 bet is made up of 4 selections and 15 bets, 4 x singles, 6 x doubles, 4 x trebles and 1 four fold.

We made this web site to help other fans of the lucky 15 bet work out their winnings quickly and easily. Our lucky 15 calculator is specially made, and specific to this bet type only, that’s why it is superbly quick at showing your winnings.

How to Use the Lucky 15 Calculator.

  1. Simply type the odds of each of your 4 selections in the boxes.
  2. Choose win/lose or non runner from the drop down menu
  3. Enter your stake i.e £1 would be a £15 total bet
  4. Hit Calculate!

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Lucky 15 Bets Online

Most popular with horse racing The Lucky 15 bet is a real favorite of punters, it’s an affordable bet and one that brings great rewards if you can pick all 4 winners. Staking just a few £ can win you hundreds or even thousands if your selections come in.

Place lucky 15 bets online quickly and easily + get better odds than at your local bookies?

Betting online is huge business and in the UK we have a huge range of bookmakers who take lucky 15 bets online, and offer free bets and deposit bonuses to entice you in to choosing them as your place to bet.

Notably Bet365 and BetFred are the main online bookmakers whom we all know and trust. The best lucky 15 bonus is treble odds for 1 winner and 10% added for all 4. See Lucky 15 treble odds for details.

Lucky 15 Tips and Best Bets

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Top Lucky 15 Tip – Join Betfred

betfred sign up offer, bonuses and review

Get Treble Odds for 1 Winner + 10% Added for 4 Winners

The best online bookie for lucky 15 bets. A great sign up bonus for all new customers makes this super tempting and an offer to good to miss.

Lucky 15 Bet Formula.

If you are out and about and can’t get to use our free lucky 15 calculator then there is an easy formula to help you work it out. The formula for settling (working out winnings) for all full cover multiple bets (patent, lucky 15, lucky 31 etc) is this.

Add 1 to all basic factors (bf = price as a decimal i.e 2/1 = 3 7/2 = 4.5 etc) then multiply the winners to get total.

Minus 1 from total

Multiply by stake

Example 4 winners in a £1 lucky 15 at 3/1 – 7/1 – 5/2 and evens

  • Basic Factors + 1 are 5 – 9 – 4.5 – 3
  • 5 x 9 x 4.5 x 3 = 607.50
  • 607.50 – 1 = 606.50
  • 606.50 x stake (£1) = £606.50

If stake was £0.50 would be 606.50 x 0.50 = 303.25
In the same way if stake was £0.20 would be 606.50 x 0.20 = 121.30

If only 3 won you would only use the 3 basic factors etc.

If you understand that you’re clever than me. I had the lucky 15 calculator made for me and i didn’t know any of the formula.

All i did know was that peopke like myself wanted a quick and easy way to work out how uch they had won on a lucky 15 bet. This website and this calculator were born.

Find out lucky 15 calc useful? Please share with friends and lets get people using this free bet calculator to see how much they have won.

The Lucky 15 Calculator, Why?

We made the lucky 15 calculator just simply to help people work out what the have won.

Sure, when you place your bet online and take prices it does give you an idea, or at least some betting sites do. BUt when prices change or you don’t take prices, or you out your bet on over the phone or in a betting shop you don’t get that info.

Our calculator is a useful and free tool that help anyone quickly work out what they have won. It is free and always will be.