Lucky 15 Bonus

Here we look at the lucky 15 bonus offer from a selection of the best online bookmakers and betting sites.

Because of the popularity of a lucky15 bet the bookmakers who understand this offer more in the way of bonuses and promotions to keep us betting online with them.

All Lucky 15 Bonus Offers Compared

Betfred Sign Up Offer, Bonuses and Review

Get Treble Odds for 1 Winner + 10% Added for 4 Winners

The best online bookie for lucky 15 bets. A great sign up bonus for all new customers makes this super tempting and an offer to good to miss.

Boyle Sports Review, Promotions & Bonuses

Exclusive £25 Free Bets Bundle for New Customers

Bet365 Lucky 15 Bonus

Get NO Bonuses for 1 or 4 Winners at Bet365

Choose a different bookmaker for all lucky 15 bets. Bet365 nolonger offer double the odds for 1 winners or extra for all 4 winners.

Below is a list of betting sites that accept lucky 15 bets, you can also see what bonus they offer when you place a lucky 15 with them.

The most common bonuses for this bet type are double or treble the odds for picking just 1 winner, and 10% added for choosing all 4 winners.

This may not seem like a huge amount but believe me, it makes a world of difference and should be used to full advantage.

Why you should always use a lucky 15 bonus

Unless you’re a fool you shouldn’t be wasting money, and you should be trying everything you can to beat the bookies. the old adage of you never see a poor bookmaker is very true, they are the enemy and our mission is to defeat them!

Each and every time you place a lucky 15 bet make sure you get treble the odds for 1 winner and 10% added for all 4. this will save you a lot of money over the course of a week, Month or Year depending on how often you place the bets.

I good friend of mine does a £1 lucky 15 every day. We took a look and his average price per horse was around 4/1, the amazing thing, however, was that 60% of his bets had just 1 winner.

Instead of getting treble the odds he used paddy power who have no lucky 15 bonus! We switched him to Betfred and on 60% of his bets he now collects £13 instead of £5. this saves him £8 on around 180 bets a Year, so he is £1440 a Year better off.

imagine that? Just for choosing the correct bookmaker for your lucky 15 bonus you are a lot better off. If you bet bigger you’ll save more. And the other huge plus is 10% added for all 4 winners.

The same friend got 11 lucky 15 bets up in a Year. We totalled it up and if he had used the right bookmaker he would have won an extra £2321.21. Suddenly with his savings and extra winnings he is almost £4000 a Year better off, enough for a very nice holiday and for no effort.

You don’t need to claim the bonus it’s automatically added to your winning bets. Use your brain and sign up to Betfred, it takes 2 mins and will save you, or make you thousands.