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To place a Lucky 15 at Sky Bet you will need to first make your four selections. From here you will be shown the bet slip with all your selections on, as a Lucky 15 is a multiple bet you’ll then need to click the ‘Show all Multiples’ option on the bet slip coupon.

You will then be shown all the possible bet options where you will need to enter your stake in the Lucky 15 selection box, not forgetting that your stake is multiplied by 15 to cover all the bets.

Among sky bets other multiple selections are the Yankee (similar to a Lucky 15 without the 4 singles), a Lucky 31 (all combinations of multiples and singles from 5 selections) and a Lucky 63 (combinations of multiples and singles from 6 selections)

A Lucky 15 is best described as a special multiple bet in which you make four selections. These selections are then split into 15 separate bets – 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold.

When placing your bet your stake is multiplied by 15 to cover all these permutations. Remember, one winning selection will guarantee a return and the more winning selections you make the bigger the payout.

For example, if you placed your bet on four different football teams and one of your selections was correct then you would receive a return for one single. If two selections are correct you will receive three returns (two singles and one double). If three are correct you will see a return from seven bets (three singles, two doubles and one treble) and if all four are correct then you will see a return from all 15 selections.

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