Tips For Winning Lucky 15 Bets

Obviously a lucky 15 bet contains 4 selections, it could be horses, greyhounds, football or anything at really that you can think of, if you can bet on it, you can put it in your lucky 15.

The key to winning really is selecting your best 4 bets of the day, some people stray away from lower prices or even money shots as it makes winning less. This is a mistake, it’s all about winning at the end of the day, did you know for example 4 winners all at even money on a £1 lucky 15 pays £80 + 10% if you get this bonus.

In the above example you have placed a £15 that returned £80 giving a £65 clear profit, or over 400% profit on your money. That’s a great return by any ones standards!

So now you’ve got the thought about keeping low odds out of the bet, just make sure you choose the best 4 selections of the day. Personally my best results come from not even paying attention to the odds at all when i place the bet, we all know the odds published in the daily papers won’t be correct by the time we get our bets on anyway, so why worry about it?

A lucky 15 bet  is great as it lets you spread you’re bets throughout the day, for that reason it offers value and when you get that first winner in the bag the excitement rises.

If like many you get treble the odds for getting 1 winner anything that wins at 4/1 you are just about getting your money back even if none of your other selection come in.

As bettors we all have different ways of picking winners, so there is not much point in posting tips and advice on this web site. I’m sure that you’ve had days when you couldn’t lose and plenty of days where you couldn’t win.

The key is to not lose too much, the lucky 15 bet is great for that. It covers 4 races for cheap and offers a huge return if you get 3 or 4 winners, often your money back for 1 winner and a profit on 2 winners.

No matter what you do or how you choose your best bets of the day, make sure to gamble responsibly and have fun. And don’t forget when you do get a winner or two come back to use our lucky 15 calculator to see how much you have won!

And just for some added info, a £1 lucky 15 with 4 winners all at 4/1 pays £1295, not bad!

Good luck 🙂

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